Hi guys! Happy New Year!!! Hope it's not too late to wish you guys? This 2019 I want to do better with my blog and other things, already started doing some. 2019 we move, hehehe. Today's blog post is a DIY, it's a simple way to revamp your old denim jeans. Let's get started! Materials... Continue Reading →


Latest Thrift Finds||1

Hey guys! It's almost Christmas and I don't have a gift from Santa yet. Lol! I hope December is treating you well. I'm so happy I got to do some of the things I couldn't do in 2017, I hope you achieved a lot 2018? Oh well, I added a new section and it's called... Continue Reading →

DIY Mini Wallet

Hi guys! Been a while, how have y'all been,? I have been on and off with my blog, away for months... I'm really sorry. My phone was bad and I also forgot the password to my wordpress account and my gmail account... Lol! So I decided to chill and figure it out but I'm happy... Continue Reading →

DIY Frayed Denim Skirt

Hello guys! Been a while, I know I haven't been posting well but I'm back on my grind guys! This tutorial is perfect for that denim jacket, skirt, trouser or gown lying around in your closet! Wanted to experiment with a skinny jeans but decided to try it on a skirt. You'll need Denim skirt... Continue Reading →

DIY>> Tassel Earrings 1

A while back, I saw a post of a lady wearing a beautiful tassel earrings on Instagram. I immediately clicked over, thinking about buying a pair from where she got hers... I didn't see anything. When I got a better glance at them, I realized how easy they would be to make on my own.... Continue Reading →

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